Perky-Pet® Black Ant Guard for Hummingbird Feeders

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  • Effectively repels ants from hummingbird and oriole feeders
  • Permethrin is encased in a plastic dome to ensure long-lasting ant defense
  • Easily mounts directly above hanging feeders
  • Safe for use around birds, people, and pets when used as directed
  • Keep out of streams, ponds, and other bodies of water

Best Used For

Hummingbird Feeders
Hummingbird Feeders
Oriole Feeders
Oriole Feeders

Perky-Pet® Black AntGuard®

Keep those pesky ants away from your hummingbird feeders! This ant guard helps ensure the birds (and not the ants) will enjoy the fresh nectar. The Perky-Pet® Black AntGuard® effectively repels ants from feeders and easily mounts in-line with hanging bird feeders. AntGuard® begins working immediately and should stop all sweet-eating ant activity within 24 hours under optimal conditions.

How It Works

Ants are attracted to the sweet-tasting nectar inside your feeders. As ants forage for nectar and make their way down the hanging hook to the feeder, they enter the AntGuard. Inside is a disc containing a powerful ant repellent, permethrin, which drives them away. The active ingredient has been proven safe around birds, pets, and people when used as directed. Like the naturally derived pyrethrin, which originates from chrysanthemums and was the inspiration for this substance, it should be kept away from ponds, streams or other bodies of water due to aquatic organism risk.

Fast Acting and Long Lasting

AntGuard® begins working immediately to drive away sweet-eating ants. In optimal conditions, all ant activity should stop within 24 hours. The permethrin disc is encased in a durable plastic dome, keeping it inaccessible to feeding birds, while also protecting it from rain so it lasts longer. Under normal conditions, AntGuard will provide a full season of ant control.

Easy to Mount

For your convenience, the Perky-Pet® Black AntGuard® easily mounts in-line with hanging hummingbird feeders and oriole feeder. To install AntGuard, extend the lower baffle of the dome. Then attach AntGuard below your hanging hook and above your hummingbird feeder. Note, you should not hang it on feeders weighing more than 10 lb.

Perky-Pet® Black AntGuard® Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Perky-Pet® Black AntGuard®? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Perky-Pet® Black AntGuard®
Model # 245B
Height 4.5 inches
Diameter 2.25 inches
Effective Against Ants
Active Ingredients Permethrin
Color Black
Perky-Pet® Black Ant Guard for Hummingbird Feeders
Model Number 245B
Weight .13 lb
Dimensions 4.5 in H × 2.5 in W × 2.25 in D
Active Ingredients Permethrin
Mosquito Magnet