Mosquito Magnet® Lurex3

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  • Secondary attractant increases catch rate by 10 times
  • Ideal for Southern US Regions
  • Attracts most mosquito species, specifically the Asian Tiger Mosquito
  • Replace every 21 days
  • EPA-registered

Best Used For

Southern US regions
Southern US Regions

Mosquito Magnet® Lurex3™ Attractant

The Mosquito Magnet® Lurex3™ Attractant can allow your Mosquito Magnet® to catch up to 10 times more mosquitoes! Those that live in the southern regions, Hawaii included, this is the attractant for you. It specifically targets the Asian Tiger Mosquito along with other common species.

What is Lurex

What is Lurex?

Lurex3™ is a n EPA-registered mosquito attractant which mimics naturally occurring human skin scents or odors known to attract mosquitoes. This specifically was designed to attract the Asian Tiger Mosquito, known for carrying West Nile Virus. This attractant can be used with all of our Mosquito Magnet® Traps.

Regions Where Lurex3™ Works Best

If you live in the southern half of the United States, including Hawaii, Lurex3™ is an effective as well as economical way to ensure you are getting the most out of your trap. Adding this attractant will help to provide maximum protection against biting pests.

Regions for Lurex

10X More Catches

Using a secondary attractant is critical to the performance of your Mosquito Magnet® trap, as the right attractant can dramatically increase the trap's ability to lure the flying pests. Once mosquitoes sense the carbon dioxide from the Mosquito Magnet®, they need secondary attractants, Octenol or Lurex3™, to hone in on the trap.


Lurex3™ Product Details

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Mosquito Magnet® Lurex3™ Attractant
Model # Lurex3™
Secondary Attractant Increases catch rate by 10 times
Attracts Most mosquito species, specifically the Asian Tiger Mosquito
Replace Every 21 days
Mosquito Magnet® Lurex3™ Attractant
Model Number LUREX3N
Ideal For Southern US Regions
Attracts Most mosquito species, specifically the Asian Tiger Mosquito
Replace Every 21 days

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