Droll Yankees® Shepherd's Envy Pole

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UPC: #021964605469
SCC: #88888888003379
  • 68 in. tall
  • Easy to assemble and arthritic hand-friendly
  • Simply attach the three 16 in. legs to the "no tilt" ground auger for stability, screw the auger into the ground with a simple turning motion, then insert the sturdy, 1 in. diameter pole into the auger (this permits pole installation without tearing apart your lawn to make large holes for posts)
  • Add the 16 in. arm with locking hook to the top of the pole and hang your bird feeder
  • The engaging parts are keyed with a dimple in one and a groove in the other to reduce any motion caused by wind*
  • Galvanized, powder-coated steel construction is rust-resistant

Add a bird feeder to a treeless yard or garden with the Droll Yankees® Shepherd's Envy Pole.

*Note - When assembling your pole, applying Vaseline to the engaging parts will prevent them from sticking together over time.

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