Droll Yankees® A-Series Seed Tray

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  • 7.5" platform attracts a wide variety of birds, including ground feeders like cardinals
  • Catches spilled seed and saves money!
  • No tools needed - connect the A-6 Seed Tray to the feeder base with the included threaded black plug
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate is dependably durable
  • To pole-mount, attach a Threaded Pole Adapter (ADPT) to the A-6 Seed Tray and insert the adapter stem into a 1" diameter pole
  • Proudly made in the USA

Adding a seed tray to a bird feeder helps to get the most out of feeding wild birds.The 7.5 in. A-6 Seed Tray saves spilled seed, while also helping to attract a larger variety of birds. Adding a seed tray turns a tube feeder into a platform feeder that will attract more species like ground-feeding birds.

Seed Trays: Attaching a seed tray to your bird feeder will save money by catching spilled seed and also attract a wider variety of feeder birds. Seed trays act as a platform and offer the sure footing that ground-feeding birds like cardinals prefer. These birds will be more likely to linger at a feeder longer when they have a secure place to perch, affording great bird watching opportunities. By catching spilled seed, seed trays also reduce waste from discarded, uneaten seed and prevent accumulation that could attract unwanted pests.

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